The Vision Framework series

This page contains all Vision framework-related resources I prepared for you.


Detecting body pose using Vision framework
Vision framework is a remarkable piece of technology that gives us access to all kinds of image and video detection and classification features. It can detect face landmarks, body pose, hand pose, barcodes, text, and more. For more information on Vision visit our source of truth - The Documentation.…
Detecting body pose, hand pose, and face landmarks using Vision framework
In my last post about detecting body pose using Vision, I explained how to make the requests and how to interpret them. My main interest in Vision is movement analyzing and motion tracking therefore this time I will show you how to make our analysis more complete. I will introduce
Barcode detection using Vision framework
If you need to detect and decode barcodes, QR, Aztec, or anything in between you are in the right place.
Animals detection using the Vision framework
If you ever wondered how to detect animals in images this is the right place to find out.
Saliency detection using the Vision framework
If you want to know where people will focus their attention while looking at the image. Or you want to detect objects that stand out from the photo. Then the saliency detection is for you.
Image classification using the Vision framework
What if I told you that you can detect the contents of the image using the Vision framework?
Working with the Vision framework in the playgrounds
Playgrounds and the Vision framework are both great tools. Why don’t combine them?

Demo application on GitHub